Rental Course & Vehicle

Rental Course and Practice Vehicle Service

We are going out of business. July 30th thursday is the last business day.
Thank you for using our service for a long time.
June 10th, 2020

 This service is offered for students who wish to prepare and review driving techniques, as well as inexperienced drivers who wish to regain driving skills.

 Anyone may use our course, including students and graduates of our school, students from other schools, and members of the general public.

 Business hours are mainly at night time after the end of general lessons and we are open all year except year end and new year holidays.

Types of Practice Vehicles

Four-wheeled vehicles (ordinary passenger car)

* Only four-wheeled vehicles may be used. We do not accept / lend motorcycles.


Rental Course Only:

Using your own vehicle within the course, you can practice such skills as curves, cranks, intersections, crossing railroads, slopes, parallel parking and turning directions.


Rental Course and Practice Vehicle Use:

You can practice in the course using a learning vehicle equipped with a passenger-side brake.


* There are limited number of lending practice vehicles. You may need to wait for about 1 hour, or you may not be able to rent a vehicle during times of high customer volume (especially on Sundays and holidays).

Price List

Rental Course Only: 2,200 yen (tax included) for 50 minutes
Rental Course and Practice Vehicle Use: 3,600 yen (tax included) for 50 minutes

Business Hours

Weekdays and Saturdays: 20:00-22:00

Sundays and public holidays: 17:40-19:40

■Reception Opening Time

Weekdays and Saturdays: 19:40-

Sundays and public holidays: 17:20-


* Business hours are after the completion of regular lessons.

* You may not enter the course while regular lessons are continuing (before 19:50 on weekdays and Saturdays, or 17:30 on Sundays and public holidays).

   If you arrive at our school with your own car prior to or just after the opening of reception, you may park in the area along the front street.

* We may change business hours due to school events, corporate training, etc.

How to Use

* Please come to school directly on the day of use. We do not accept reservations.

* Upon reception all passengers will be required to show identification which can be used to confirm one’s name and address.

* For use of rental practice vehicles are offered one time period (50 minutes) per application.

   If you want to use 2 time periods, please apply again after 1 time period.

* You are not permitted to leave school property with a practice vehicle. It may only be used on the premises.

* Customer will be responsible for damages to vehicles and equipment. Please be careful of accidents etc. sufficiently.

* In addition, there are special requirements for foreign national users below.

Information for Foreign National Users

* Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

* We are sorry but support is only available in Japanese.


 In recent years the number of foreign users has increased, and the number of accidents during practice driving has greatly increased at the same time.

 There have been cases of inappropriate behavior which have caused inconvenience to other customers.

 Several customers have used the driving course without fully understanding the rules of use, which has led to a variety of problems.

 Because we wish for our customers, including those from instructional schools and members of the general public, to be able to use the course with peace of mind, and also because we wish to ensure that our students can safely use the course for preparation or review, we have instituted the following requirements for foreign customers.

■Usage Requirements for Foreigners

1. Rental practice vehicles will be rented out to those customers accompanied by a Japanese passenger who has a Japanese driver's license.

2. Those who have a Japanese driver’s license or provisional license, and also deposit 200,000 yen as accident compensation insurance, may use practice vehicles without being accompanied by a license-holding Japanese passenger.

3. In all cases (using a rental vehicle or a customer’s own vehicle), all customers must present their driver’s license or residence card and allow a copy to be taken of it at reception. In addition, customers must write name, address, phone number, company name, company address, and company phone number information for themselves and all passengers.

4. Even if the above requirements are satisfied, we reserve the right to refuse service to any customer in the event that a staff member judges their behavior to be of inconvenience to other customers or of interference to ordinary business.


This rule was implemented on February 1, 2016.

Thank you for your cooperation.